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A place for the Magickal Scraps designers to hang out, post freebies and challenges, and chat with other scrappers

    The rules and laws of the land


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    The rules and laws of the land Empty The rules and laws of the land

    Post  Snowraven Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:16 am

    Welcome to Magickal Scraps. A scrap forum with a twist Smile

    We all hate rules, but if we didn't have them there would be a free-for-all here. These are subject to change at any time!

    No flaming. We want Magickal Scraps to be an enjoyable experience for all.

    If you have an issue with someone take it to PMs. Alternatively you can bring it to one of the site admin or moderators.

    Please be respectful of each other, we encourage light hearted banter but this is also a learning environment. As such, no question is stupid, only one which is not asked.

    We come from all walks of life and all backgrounds. Be tolerant of each others beliefs and ideals. I will tolerate no one ridiculing a Christian anymore than I would tolerate someone ridiculing a Pagan.

    When it comes to gallery postings, please don't just download others layouts because you can. Contact the image/layout owner and ask them first. It's not only polite but also the law. Copyright violations won't be tolerated.

    If you download a freebie please don't forget to check out the TOU inside the folder - different designers have different rules!

    Anyone deemed to be disruptive will have appropriate measures taken in regards to their account. It can result in losing posting privileges or in extreme cases be banned form the forum.

    The most important rule of all is simple: HAVE FUN!!!!! geek

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